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Public Awareness Campaign Focuses on Transportation


Mississippi Roads Matter is designed to raise awareness of Mississippi’s transportation infrastructure needs and build additional support for finding a solution. The interactive website, www.msroadsmatter.com, looks at safety, economic development, the impact on jobs and cost saving.


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Map of Mississippi's Unfunded Highway ProjectsMDOT Releases Statewide Priority Project List

Road & Bridge Projects Would Be Phased In
With Additional Funding


Today’s underfunding of Mississippi’s transportation system is leading to the crumbling of the state’s roads and bridges. This is no longer only a road and bridge problem but an issue affecting economic development and community growth throughout the state.

The deterioration of the state’s highway network is most noticeable along rural routes. Roads and bridges in these areas are passable, but the condition is poor. The longer these rural roads continue to be ignored, the worse the situation will become, and the more money it will cost the taxpayers of Mississippi to fix.


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